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Sessional GPs

What can the LMC do for Sessional GPs?

We are very aware that the number of salaried and freelance/locum GPs has risen substantially over recent years. Leeds LMC Limited is committed to representing all GPs in the City and we are fortunate in having good communications with the Leeds Sessional GP Education Forum.

As the only statutory representative body of all local GPs, LMCs throughout the UK play a vital role in supporting and promoting general practice. LMCs influence the policy of the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC), through the annual conference of LMCs, and through direct liaison with regional GPC representatives. Elected members of the LMC liaise directly with commissioners on the need for proper funding for primary care.

LMCs provide a professional advisory and supportive role to individual GPs. They can work to mediate and resolve disputes between GPs, CCGs and the Area Team and between GPs themselves­ for example, partnership disputes, or disputes between sessional GPs and their GP employers.

The specific help that Leeds LMC can provide to sessional GPs includes:

  • Help to mediate and ensure fair play between employers and salaried GPs, and between employers and freelance GPs;
  • Help to ensure that salaried GPs’ contracts comply with statutory entitlements, and particularly that the BMA model salaried GP contract is offered to GPs who are entitled to it;
  • Advice/support on the process when applying for entry to the performers list;
  • Provision of a supportive/pastoral role if a GP has difficulties with their CCG or GP employer;
  • Provision of information at the time of annual Leeds LMC elections to encourage sessional GPs to stand;
  • Regular updates on current issues relevant to modern general practice. We also have a good online resource in our website;
  • Support for local sessional GP groups;
  • Help sessional GPs, particularly those new to the area, to network with other sessional GPs;
  • Providing a link to the national GPC sessional GP committee and ensure you receive regular updates about their work.

Clearly the role of the LMC is wide and by becoming involved in the LMC your voice can be heard both locally and nationally, and you can play a real role in shaping policy.  

We are really pleased that a number of sessional GPs are taking an active role in the work of the LMC and we would encourage others to do so too. If you are considering standing for election and/or would like to observe the work of the LMC prior to applying please contact the LMC office who would be able to arrange for you to attend an evening committee meeting.  The LMC committee meet monthly on a Tuesday evening in Leeds and the meeting lasts for approximately 1.5 hours. 

We would also encourage sessional GPs to register their contact details with the LMC office so that we can keep you updated with general information, the monthly LMC newsletter and sessional GP newsletter.


Useful links:

We recognise that there are issues of particular interest to sessional GPs, so we have set out below some resources which you may find useful: