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General guidance for practices and PCNs


Consolidation of the regulations from the previous twelve months:

  • Consolidated SFE regulations England (Oct 22)

  • Performers List Regulations England 2013 (Oct 22)

  • PMS Regulations England 2015 (Oct 22)



  • Key page with links to many of the main contract documents on NHS England website

  • NHS England changes to the GP Contract 23-24

  • BMA changes to the GP Contract 23-24 and the impact on general practice

  • Quality Outcomes Framework guidance for 2023/24:



  • BMA - Call to action for general practice:

  • BMA access to GP health records - meeting the reasonable needs of patients:

  • Online access to GP health records (update):

  • BMA accelerated access to GP health records:

  • PCN DES:

  • Practice and PCN income ready reckoner for 2023/24 - NHSE has updated the PCN DES ready reckoner:

  • Unacceptable behaviour: guidance on warning letters and other written communications:

  • Care navigation and triage in general practice - BMA guidance

  • With thanks to Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire LMC, the link below is a guide for practices that are considering merging and gives an overview of areas that need to be considered through the merger process.

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire LMC Guide to practice mergers



  • BMA guidance on medico-legal aspects of providing certificates:

  • Medical protection case studies:


  • Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advice regarding persons who will be eligible for a COVID-19 booster vaccine in autumn 2023.

  • National flu immunisation programme letter 2023 to 2024

Attached is information that bring together all the UKHSA flu resources for the 2023 to 2024 programme, including training materials, healthcare professional guidance, resources for parents, the public and schools. There are also links to relevant UKHSA websites.

Annual flu programme resources