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ViewPoint October 2016

In this October 2016 edition of Viewpoint you will find:

  • Shaping the future for you and your patients STP event - 15 November
  • Reminder re GPC England Survey of General Practice GPC England
  • NHS England Standard Hospital Contract Guidance
  • Two new patient online Toolkits for GP Practices and CCGs and NHS Organisations
  • Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) – Prevalence, Achievements and Exceptions Report, England 2015-16
  • Locum GPs and Access to the Leeds Care Record (LCR)
  • Mythbusters Guide re: Appraisals/Revalidation
  • The State of Medical Education and Practice in the UK 2016
  • The Vital Signs of Primary Care (attached)
  • Sessional GPs Newsletter
  • Condolences
  • General Information  distributed to practices this month
  • Comings and goings
  • New useful documents on

Supplementary information