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LMC Viewpoint Newsletter - 30th January 2024

Please see the attached latest edition of the LMC Newsletter, which contains the topical matters listed below and accompanying documents:

- Planning for Referendum of the GP 2024/25 Contract

- Medical Examiners’ arrangements and changes in the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death

- Updated guidance for risk assessment and infection prevention and control measures for measles in healthcare settings

- EMIS and coding problems for QOF

 - GP end of year forms: submission deadline extended to 31 March.

- Online access to new GP health record entries - ICO response to Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) submissions

- NHSE GP Fellowship Scheme cessation

- Rebuild General Practice – template letter to MPs

- Extension of services for GP partners

- General Practice representation for the Maternity Care Delivery Board & Mostly Health Population Board

- Greener Inhaler Study

- Sourcing Knowledge on Hand Injuries & Conditions - For GPs

- Guidance: Improving the physical health of people living with severe mental illness

- New campaign to encourage use of the NHS App

- Waiting list information on the NHS App

- Dopplers update

- Community Pharmacy Independent Prescribing Pathfinder – Updated briefing

- NHS Pension Update Event

- Mentoring Month - what can mentoring do for you as a Practice Manager?

- Two Important Challenges - Two Great Courses!

- The Green Practice – how to make the practice a greener environment

- Counter Fraud Newsletter

- Practice Vacancies


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